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A Care-Free CBD Seltzer
Focused on Science,
Quality and Transparency

Taste Better

All-natural flavors, the right amount of carbonation, no sugar or calories.

Made Better

Start to finish – We do it all. From CBD emulsion, to packaging. No contract production.

No, No, No!

No calories, No sugar, No caffeine, No gluten, No alcohol, No THC.

Our current lineup is a powerful flavor blasting experience. All our flavors are all-natural and crafted to give you a perfect sip every time.

Our Seltzers

Double Tangerine Dream

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Double Raspberry Rush

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Double Blueberry Blast

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Variety Pack

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Black Cherry

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Double Strawberry Lemonade

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Double Cherry Lime

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Double Fruit Punch

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What our Customers Say


I LOVE your new Chill AF as an alternative to my "usual" beer. I don't know all the science behind it but I find it helps reduce stress and I even sleep better! Thank you for making such an enjoyable product!

John S.

I've tried many CBD Seltzers and none come close to the taste of Chill AF. The variety of flavors, zero calories, and no alcohol make it my guilt-free GO-TO at the end of the day.

Melissa F.

I'm a recovering two time cancer patient and it really really helps me feel better. Thanks so much for making this magical potion of deliciousness.


I have been suffering from migraines my entire life. Ever since I tried your seltzer ... it's literally my go-to as soon as I start feeling a headache coming. WOW! What a difference!!! My quality of life has improved so much.

Annie H.

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About Us

Our team is focused on creating the best tasting & highest quality seltzers on the market

While many CBD products focus more on marketing and less on substance, CHILL AF delivers a product focused on science.   But those aren’t just words… we back them up by providing independent lab results on every batch which proves:  “WHAT IT SAYS ON THE CAN….. IS WHATS IN THE CAN.”

We do it all

Most other CBD beverage are produced in a contract facility that produces countless other beverages.  One day they do CBD seltzers, one day they do soda, and the next juice. Additionally, other CBD seltzers typically have their key ingredient, their CBD emulsions, created by a contract lab.  A process known as “White Labeling”

That same emulsion is sold to countless other companies and just gets a different name and marketing slapped on it. They don’t know how it’s made, or where the ingredients come from.  They dump it, flavor it, and hope for the best.

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From start finish in our own dedicated facility

Our emulsions are created in our own lab and are the product of tireless testing and refining of our proprietary processes.

The product is homogenized and blended in our own facility, by our own employees, who take pride in the final product.

Finally, the product is canned in our own facility, on a can filler dedicated to CBD seltzer.

We believe the proof is in the final product, and we hope you agree.



Independent lab results on EVERY batch by scanning the QR code on the can. 


While many CBD products focus more on marketing and less on substance, CHILL AF delivers the quality that comes from a company with 20 years of experience in the beverage industry. 


Chill AF is created with the highest quality 99+% pure CBD Nano emulsion to ensure proper blending and suspension of the CBD isolate in the final product.  All-natural flavors and just the right amount of carbonation makes Chill AF stand out from the rest.